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Cosmetology Exam Review
Getting ready for your Cosmetology State Board? Freaking out a little?  We know that feeling!  You have learned so much during your time at school it can be terrifying to figure out how to prep for that big written test!
Let us help! Founder and CEO of The Intentional Classroom, Theresa Miulli, brings you 20 years of experience as both a stylist and a teacher, and is now offering you engaging, fun resources to help you prepare for your state board! 
Whether you are looking for a single area to review, or a collection of all the topics that may be covered on your test, we've got you! 
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On-demand Course Offerings

Hair Salon

Total Course Review

Now Available!

This course offers all eight courses in one place, at a discounted price! With this purchase you get the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of Haircolor

  • Fundamentals of Hairstyling

  • Fundamentals of Texture

  • The Science of Cosmetology

  • Fundamentals of Haircutting

  • Fundamentals of Design

  • Cosmetology Disorders

  • Full Specialist Review (Skin + Nails)

Starting at $24.99


Fundamentals of Haircolor

Now Available!

This course offers you a comprehensive look at state board materials for haircolor. In it, we review color theory, categories of color, chemistry of color, formulation, and corrective color. Whether you are prepping for your state board or just looking to review for more successful delivery of service, this course has you covered!



Fundamentals of Hairstyling

Now Available!

While many of us are great using those tools, most of us don't hold on to base placement, parts of a finger wave, the science of a curl, and other facets of hairstyling theory. To review the science of styling, this course is a must!



Fundamentals of Haircutting

Now Available!

Lines.  Angles.  Elevation.  Parietal Ridge.  All those terms you had to learn for the test, but rarely think about when actually cutting hair.  This course will assist you in reviewing all of that haircutting you learned in school!



Fundamentals of Texture

Now Available!

This course is here to help you review the theory behind perms and relaxers. From reduction process, to lanthionization, to different relaxer types, we've got you covered!



The Science of Cosmetology

Now Available!

Need a brush up on Salon Ecology, Chemistry, Electricity, and Anatomy? This course is for you! Touching on the hottest state board science topics, this course well help you prepare for that state board!



Cosmetology Disorders

Now Available!

I know.  We hated learning about the disorders we may deal with as stylists. But, they are a must know!  This course will review skin, scalp and nail disorders that will appear on your state board!



Fundamentals of Design

Now Available!

From face shapes to body type, this course will review the fundamentals of design that may appear on your state board. Working alongside hairstyling and haircutting, understanding design is essential to your success as a stylist. 



Skin and Nails Review

Now Available!

Being a cosmetologist means also carrying an understanding of the structure of skin and nails. This course will review the physiology of both, ensuring you have an understanding of the science of skin and nails. 


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